Tips & Tricks of Rise in Kingdoms for new players

In Rise of Kingdoms, you have to build your Kingdom and a strong army which is led by powerful commanders. Being multiplayer gameplay, you will attack players’ cities and loot their resources. You can also join alliance; this makes your battle stronger. Here, we are going to share some tips and tricks that will help you to learn more about how to go with Rise of Kingdoms and becomes the master of this game.

    • In this game, you can build a wide range of buildings in your Kingdom. For this, resources are required such as food, wood, stone, and gold. As every player in the game tries to get as many resources as he can, so it may happen when you do not have enough resources. As you level up, upgrade cost increases as well as you need more resources, which you can loot by attacking other players’ Kingdoms.

  • In order to protect your resources as well as to attack other players, it is required to build an army of powerful and trustworthy troops and commanders.

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  • When it comes to the overall power of your Kingdom, it is affected by various factors, these include building power, technology power, troops power, and commanders power. So, if you want to increase your Kingdom power, you have to increase the power of all these factors.

  • Buildings play a great role in the Rise of Kingdoms game, where the different types of buildings include city hall, storehouse, alliance center, shop, builder’s hut, monument, trading post, courier station, tavern, scout camp and many more. You have to upgrade these buildings to get into the next level.

  • The game offers more than 30 commanders; all have their unique skills, abilities, stats and all. You can choose two commanders when going for an attack, like one as a primary commander and other as a secondary commander. You can also set them on defense to protect your kingdom.

  • You can level up the commanders by giving them XP, either from the battles or with the help of tome of knowledge item.

  • When your commander reaches to the maximum level, he will not be able to earn XP from the battles until you upgrade him, which is possible using the sculptures, such as chests, courier station, shop, etc.

  • Choosing the best commanders at the beginning of the game can change the entire gameplay. Simply check the rarity of the commander you are going to select.

  • You must play the expedition mode daily and claim the rewards instantly. Simply tap the chest icon and exchange medals for sculptures and other items.

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