Survivor Royale: Guide to the Weapons

Battle royale games have gained immense popularity in the past few years. They have many layers that create wholesome gaming experiences for patrons of all ages. The games consist of a vast map that can be explored by the player, requirement to strategize and the ability to combat our opponents face to face. With the many different features and aspects of the game, the game does become more complex and intriguing.

Survivor Royale is a game that allows players to explore a vast map and collect different weapons and items to use during combat or to build useful structures. There are several weapons available in the game and each one has its importance that depends on the playing style of the player. Here are some tips to help you select the right weapon to play Survivor Royale with.

There are a total of 17 weapons in the game that can provide versatility in the game. All these weapons can be classified into four different categories. To make the explanation easier, these weapons have been segregated into four different tiers. To ensure you are using the best weapon, if you come across a weapon that is listed in a higher tier, pick that weapon up instead of the one you are currently using.

Tier One Weapons

The tier one list consists entirely of assault rifles and sniper rifles. Players need to be able to hit their target from a distance rather than engage in a close range face to face combat. Assault rifles such as M14EB and M249 are both accurate guns that can fire 100 and 40 shots respectively. They are difficult to come by but cause a great deal of damage.

Tier Two Weapons

The tier two weapons are also close-range weapons that can be used in a later stage in the game. There are several guns in the second tier. There are two assault rifles M4A1 and AR15. There is also a shotgun named AA14 which is capable of causing total damage and shredding through the opponent’s body if used at close range.

Tier three weapons

This list contains the RKM and the Desert Eagle. They deal the most damage but are comparatively unstable and cause a lot of recoils. Hence, these shouldn’t be used for close-range attacks.

Tier Four Weapons

These contain the pistols and shotguns that have low stability and accuracy and should be replaced as soon as possible during the gameplay.

With the information on weapons in Survivor Royale, one can never mistake two guns and their importance in the gameplay. Try them today!

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