Rules of Survival – A game inspired by PUBG

If you are battle royale games lover, you might have sure played PUBG at least once or might be a regular player of this game. So, in that case, you will not find any difficulty in understanding the Rules of Survival gameplay as it is quite similar to PUBG.

A Rules of Survival is a third-person battle royale game available for PC, Mac and mobiles, which is developed by inspiring with the wonderful and top battle royale game, PUBG. In Rules of Survival, there are a total of 120 players which are landed on an isolated island full of weapons and vehicles. This gameplay is all about how you fight with other players to make your survival, how you use strategies to play this battle royale effectively as well as how you deal with the complex challenges come in your way to victory. The player who becomes the last man standing on the battlefield wins the game.

The characters in Rules of Survival have their own abilities, skills, and personalities, where you have the freedom to choose any character as per your choice. The control system of the game is characterized based on the type of character you have chosen. You have full control to move your character in any direction using the directional pad available on the left of your screen and if you want your character to jump or duck, simply use the buttons available on the right side.

You can also choose weapons, vehicles, boxes and even doors with the help of information by tapping the button which will be seen when you approach any item. You can also use the map in order to orientate yourself on this deserted island.

When it comes to battle or we can say matches in Rules of Survival, they are similar to PUBG and other battle royale games. Once you keep your foot on this isolated island, you have to start looking for weapons, armor, and other items helpful in fighting against the enemies. Always keep in mind that you need to quickly find your weapons, otherwise a little delay can make you killed by other players who have already reached on an island and are equipped with powerful weapons.

On top of all, the map gets smaller over time and your chances of survival reduces to a great extent as all the players get closer to each other. In such situations, you can use vehicles such as motorcycle, car, etc. to flee from the sticky situation.

Overall, Rules of Survival is a wonderful shooter game that will not let you get bored, just like PUBG.

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