Is Cyber Hunter better gameplay than PUBG?

For the past couple of years, battle royale games have blown up. It provides a way for people to release stress and enjoy their free time every day. For professionals who have had a long day at work or students who are loaded with assignments, battle royale games allow them to plan their game and engage in combat with other players.

Since PUBG released a few years ago, it has had an ever-increasing fan following and has a lot of supporters, making it one of the most popular battle royale games. There are several other games in the genre, that have different features as compared to PUBG. Cyber Hunter for PC is one such game that belongs to the same genre and is based in a futuristic backdrop that includes AI, robots and quantum barriers. If we compare the two games, we find there are a lot of points to ponder upon-


PUBG has always had more realistic graphics than most games, making the player feel like they are present on the island fighting off other players to survive. As compared to PUBG, Cyber Hunter has more cartoonish graphics that make the game feel a little more lighthearted and fun. There are characters with various skin colors and the game has a more appealing look overall.


The controls in PUBG have very single track and do not leave much room for creativity or improvement. Whereas the Cyber Hunter is a game that allows the player to experiment with the moves and the basic physics and mechanics of the games. Thus allows the players to feel a sense of freedom and giving them an option that PUBG isn’t able to provide. You can roll forward or backwards while falling with your glider when the game of Cyber Hunter begins.

The BackStory

Cyber Hunter provides a better connection to the gameplay by introducing the players to the world of sci-fi where the weapons and tools that are available to them are of an advanced age unlike all other battle royale games that allow users to play with weapons that are common to all of the games. Some of them include machine guns and rifles. The players of Cyber Hunter are allowed to play with laser guns and can gain special abilities like quantum barriers. This makes the game stand out and prove to be far more appealing to players.

With these comparisons, one can conclude that Cyber Hunter is a game that is at par with PUBG and can be a great way for fans of the battle royale genre to pass their time on a lazy afternoon.

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