How to use Bear points wisely in black survival

With the advent of technology, video games have been an essential part of every personal computer system and have helped many people relax and enjoy their free time in various ways over the course of several years. Recently, the battle royale genre has become the most popular kind of video game, amassing a huge following in a short period of time.

This is not at all surprising, considering the fact that these games allow players to engage in a thrilling activity, while providing them a channel to take an exciting adventure every day and provide a safe but effective outlet to channel frustration and help them cope with the struggles of their mundane everyday routines.

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With many survival games in the market, it is difficult to select one as a player can get overwhelmed with the large number of options available to them. Black Survival is a highly recommended game as it stands out due to many features. The most interesting part of the game is the well planned map that allows players to explore 22 different areas. The game is designed to allow players to choose from 36 different characters and this gives the players some freedom and a personal touch. Not only this, the game is designed in a way that lets the players experiment with different crafting ingredients that are available on the island and create a wide variety of weapons, making the game dynamic and extremely engaging.

With these features it is obvious that one would prefer to play Black Survival over other survival games available on the internet. For a beginner it may be difficult to navigate certain aspects of the game. One of the most important aspects of the game is the bear points. It is important for the players to use this resource judiciously. Here is a list of tips to keep in mind while you use bear points in this game-

Don’t Use Them during the Herbivore League

It is very tempting to use the bear points you collect during the herbivore league itself. Yet, it is crucial to understand that a lot of the items that are available to you through the expenditure of bear points might not be useful in this phase of the game. Some materials, like the tool box or the ice box that are very crucial in the Carnivore League can be bought with these bear points and hence it is important to save these bear points for this purpose.

While Drawing, Use the 5+1 Option

When you use the draw 1 option, you can only make about 100 points and that limits you to a great extent. When using the 5+1 option, you can earn up to 500 points and this is a smarter option to go with for all players. This is clearly better management of bear points.

Access Codes using Bear Cards

During the process of drawing bear cards, it is possible for one to collect access codes. These will help you move forward in the game by huge margins. Collecting ten of these cards allows players to gain research items.

With these tips in mind it will be easier for players to manage their bear cards in the game of Black Survival.

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